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lost KOZUBNIK, analog photos, Chinon ce4 slr28/2,8 
This document is the menu for tourists vacationing in the 80s

enamelware factory in Olkusz
and arts design bathtubs. more on my blog.

Olkusz Poland, the firm OFNE EMALIA, analog slr chinon ce4

Olkusz, Poland. Analog chinon ce4 slr

Łódź w czerwcu, analog chinon ce4 slr,


colorful enameled bathtubs and their creators

Martna analog foto minolta afc OFNE EMALIA OLKUSZ

Walkinig on Krakow Poland, analog slr Chinon ce4.


doors in lodz… lepiej brzmi - Łódzkie drzwi, analog Minolta AFC
1. Pabianice
2. piotrkowska 120, Hotel Cinema Residence Stare Kino, oficyna

Jewish restaurant (szynkwas?) Anatevka in Lodz. Tasty, beautiful. Analog compact Minolta afc long exposure without tripod, only at the table.

multiexposition Chinon ce4 slr,

Multiexposition Chinon ce 4 slr analog.

Railway station in Bielsko Biała after renovation. before renovation

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abandoned place in south Poland… KOZUBNIK

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